Launch Day – Chris Beard Interview

Yes, by the end of this week you are probably going to be sick of hearing about the launch of Firefox 2. While we still have your attention though – let me point you towards a wonderful interview Read/Write Web did with Chris Beard about today’s release.

This afternoon Firefox 2 will be officially launched. In anticipation of the unveiling, here is an in-depth interview with Chris Beard (Mozilla Vice President of Products).

Subjects discussed in the interview include the growing enterprise usage of Firefox, the importance of user experience and security, Mozilla’s theory behind Web feeds and why they haven’t included an integrated RSS Reader, the growing add-on ecosystem, offline browsing, why this is a 2.0 release and not a 1.x one, and finally Chris tells us a little about the future of the browser.

+ Read the Full Interview With Chris Beard, Mozilla Vice President of Products!

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