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Get More Toolbar Space in Firefox

FirefoxI think I have a pretty optimized Firefox setup. Personally I don’t think anybody needs more than two toolbars in Firefox at all times. How can you cut down on the clutter and keep everything accessible with just a few clicks here and there?

1. Shrink Your Main Menu Bar!

Install the Tiny Menu extension to shrink your main menu navigation. This extension replace the standard menu bar with a tiny menu popup.

2. Toss Out the Firefox Throbber!

Ditch the throbber in the upper right hand corner. Each tab has a built in throbber to let you know when a Web page is loading, this main one is not needed anymore. Get rid of it and give yourself some more space.

3. Use Small Icons to Save Space!

Use small icons on your toolbars. To do that, you can right click on the navigation toolbar and click “Customize”. At the bottom of that popup you should see a check mark box for “Use Small Icons”. While you are there you can drag away or add any items you think you might need or never use at all. Personally, I have back, forward, refresh, stop, home, and downloads there.

Any other suggestions for a more organized and clutter free toolbar?

Add Google Talk to Firefox Sidebar

Several folks have been sending me this tip in so I figured it was about time I got to posting about it. Seems like the original claim to fame, as far as finding this tip goes to the folks at Digital Inspiration.

1. Create a bookmark for this address:

2. Right-click on that bookmark and select “Properties”.

3. Check the box that says, “Load this bookmark in sidebar” and you are all set.

Now you can get your Google chat going without launching a client and you can keep it with you at all times because it is right there in your Firefox sidebar.

Inside Mozilla Foundation

Ever wanted to take a step into the Mozilla foundation?

Here we have about as close as you and me are going to get. I just stumbled upon this interview with Mitchell Baker that Robert Scoble posted over at 40 minutes of quality Mozilla interview action! It has been a long time since I have seen any real good podcasts or interviews with folks behind Mozilla so this is nice to see.

Just as a side note I’d really like to see the Mozilla team release their own series of interviews and segments like this letting the fans and developers know what it has taken to get here and what is planned for the future.

If you find any other Mozlla interviews, podcasts, videos or anything else of the sort, be sure to send it my way.

Highlight the Active Tab


We all want more attention to be played to the active tab inside of Firefox, that seems to be one thing that is asked for over and over again. Well, as with many problems you might face, Firefox has more than one solution to be had.

The Hard Way – Editing Your userChrome.css

They have a pretty good write up on how to do this over at Mozilla Links that you should check out if you are interested in doing it this way. I have heard some people having issues with this fix though. It worked fine for me, but just in case let me give you an alternative.

The Easy Way – Install the Aging Tabs Extension

Out of all the coloring and highlighting tab extensions out there, I love Aging Tabs the most. Firefox is open a long time on my PC and over time I want to see some tabs more than others. This extension allows you to customize the color of your active tab and the surrounding tabs as well.

Sorry, Mozilla Broke That Link

I have been getting E-mails about some links on not working. That is just crazy talk I thought. Mozilla isn’t goofy enough to start removing extensions and changing links left and right, are they? Well I have to say I was proven wrong.

Mozilla’s new addon Web site has broken my Web site and a dozen others out there that have linked to extensions in the past.

So if you are checking out a link here and find an “extension not found” that is because Mozilla ditched it to the wayside. There have been some really good themes and extensions missing from the new Web site as well. Why delete them Mozilla crew?

I have been a big Mozilla fan since day one, but this time around I have to call a spade a spade and say they screwed up. Bring back the old Mozilla Updates Web site!

Update: Looks like links are coming back – or so I am being told via E-mail. I have been talking with several people from Mozilla and they promise they the broken links should only be a temporary thing as they work the bugs out of the new system. Mozilla, you won me back over again! Thanks for getting it fixed quickly!

Remember Mismatched Domains

Now I could see where the mismatched domains popup warning might be useful for some, but for me it just tends to get in my way. If you have not seen there errors in Firefox, they come up with somebody’s SSL certificate doesn’t match the domain name it is registered to.

The Remember Mismatched Domains extension for Firefox is here to save the day.

The Remember Mismatched Domains extension for Firefox and Thunderbird adds a “Don’t warn me again about this certificate for this domain” checkbox to the Domain Mismatch and Expired Certificate warning windows. When selected the domain name and security certificate domain pair (or certificate and expiration date pair) is stored in a Firefox / Thunderbird preference and the security error dialogue will be bypassed on subsequent visits.

Well now if this bugs you as much as it bugs me, you can get rid of it with the Remember Mismatched Domains extension.

Firefox Link Log

I realize I can’t cover every single awesome Firefox addition on my own – and I always enjoy finding other sources of Firefox information as well. Here are a few links that I have stumble upon this past week that I thought you might enjoy.

FirefoxView: Firefox add-on of the day

Download of the Day: Smart Bookmarks Bar (Firefox)

A more complete History menu

Have any more links to send my way? I would love nothing more than to get them featured right here on this Web site.

Using Firefox for Job Hunting

Now I am pretty happy with the several jobs that I have, but I know some other folks out there might not be as lucky as I am. I get to help people out 24/7 and I think that is a pretty cool job.

If I could have had a easier way of getting to where I am today – I would appreciate that as well.

I recently ran across a Firefox extension called Percula. What does it do? It helps you search for jobs or employers depending on the keyword that you highlight on a Web page. Say you were looking at this page here and highlighted the word Firefox. After that all you would need to do is right click and you could search for jobs that have something to do with Firefox.

Job Search

If you are looking for a new job or you find yourself using a lot, this extension could save you a lot of time. It makes searching for a future workplace just a little ‘bit easier.

+ Download and Install the Percula Extension for Firefox!

CrystalFox Cute

I am not sure if I really like the idea of my browser being cute. Then again, not sure if I would want it to be overly macho either. Nobody likes a browser with a five-o-clock shadow and a bad attitude. Most people would say Internet Explorer fits that description, not Firefox.

With that now being common knowledge now I have to say I like the CrystalFox Cute theme for Firefox. It is pretty darn cute.

CrystalFox Cute

+ Download and Install the CrystalFox Cute Theme for Firefox!