DapperFox – Get RSS From Anything!

Want to be able to grab an RSS feed from just about any and all Web sites? The folks at Dapper have launched a new tool called DapperFox, and it might just be your new best friend if you find yourself in that camp.

DapperFox is a Firefox extention that sits next to the RSS icon in your browser. Whenever you visit a website DapperFox will show you RSS feeds that other people have created, as well as allow you to create a new feed to share with the community. This is perfect when a site does not have its own RSS feed, or when its feed doesn’t meet your needs.


I first found out about this goodie via Mashable, and I have to say it has been just as good as I had hoped it would be.

+ Download and Install the DapperFox Extension for Firefox!

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