Using Firefox for Job Hunting

Now I am pretty happy with the several jobs that I have, but I know some other folks out there might not be as lucky as I am. I get to help people out 24/7 and I think that is a pretty cool job.

If I could have had a easier way of getting to where I am today – I would appreciate that as well.

I recently ran across a Firefox extension called Percula. What does it do? It helps you search for jobs or employers depending on the keyword that you highlight on a Web page. Say you were looking at this page here and highlighted the word Firefox. After that all you would need to do is right click and you could search for jobs that have something to do with Firefox.

Job Search

If you are looking for a new job or you find yourself using a lot, this extension could save you a lot of time. It makes searching for a future workplace just a little ‘bit easier.

+ Download and Install the Percula Extension for Firefox!

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