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Webconverger – The Firefox OS

WebconvergerI have been saying for a while now that Firefox could be my operating system, due to all the Web applications I use it for. Now it looks like somebody has taken that opinion to heart and has created a live CD that will let you run Firefox and only Firefox.

Webconverger is an evolution of the hybrid client for deployments in places like offices or Internet cafes where only Web applications are used. Unlike thin or hybrid clients, Webconverger is faster and more responsive by providing a Web browser that runs locally.

I haven’t had the time to try it out myself, but I will be soon. This would be a great tool to use if you don’t want people messing up your machine, or you run a series of local machines and you need a cheap and easy way of making them usable. I am sure this might give life to an old machine too!

Check out the project, support them if you think it is good – and most of all let me know how you like it or what could be done to it to make it better. I’ll be sure to pass any feedback you have back to the developer.

+ Check Out the Webconverger Live CD!

Mozilla Social Network?

If the Web can be a more social experience, then why shouldn’t the Web browser follow?

Enter “The Coop”, a Mozilla Labs project to experiment with adding social tools to the web browser. We want to create a fun and easy way to share links with your friends, and to browse the set of links that friends have shared with you. We also want to make it easy to “subscribe” to a friend in order to make it easy to keep track of the pictures, movies, blog posts and status information that they might be posting on a variety of services.

The Coop sounds pretty interesting and might just be that next big step in the social Web experience.

+ Find Out More About Mozilla’s Social Experiment!

Organize Your Downloads in Firefox

I like to download all of my stuff that I find via the Web into a folder in My Documents called “Downloads”. It is an easy way for me to keep track of stuff I have downloaded so I can save it for later if I need to do so.

How can you tell Firefox to save all of your downloads in one specific spot? First thing you need to do is go into Tools, and then select Options. A new window should pop up with your browser options. In that first tab, go down to the middle of the box where it says “Downloads” and then make your way down to the browse button next to the Window for “Save files to…”.

Download Options

Browse to the folder that you wish to save all of your downloads to, save and then exit. Now Firefox knows your default download location. This is really handy when you wonder what that program was you downloaded last week – or if you misplace an important file from the Web, you can keep a backup of it here.

DownloadHelper – Download Flash Videos

VideoDownloaderSo this might not be the first tool, the only tool, or the best tool – but it is another tool when it comes to saving video from the Web. Out of all the video downloading tools I have seen this one might have the best interface of them all.

As you can see, it gives you a button on your toolbar to click on and get direct access to downloading. This is something I have wanted to see for a long time. It also works with YouTube, MySpace, Google videos, DailyMotion, Porkolt, iFilm and others.

+ Download and Install the DownloadHelper Extension for Firefox!