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Twitter in Your Firefox – TwitBin

TwitBinI have not yet been bitten by the Twitter bug yet. Personally I think it is a little on the lame side of things. It does seem like it is getting more and more attention these days. So when I stumbled across this post at Mashable I figured I’d give TwitBin a shot.

In case constant SMS Twitter updates weren’t enough, you can now get them in your browser sidebar, using TwitBin. It’s fully functional for Twittering, so you can send and receive messages via this extension to stay forever updated with your Twitter friends.

+ Download and Install the TwitBin Extension for Firefox!

Go Meet Foxkeh

FoxkehWho the heck is Foxkeh? He is Firefox’s Japanese mascot. On this new blog they are taking content from the one in Japan and translating things over. Why does Japan get a mascot and not us? I haven’t got a clue – but isn’t he just the cutest damn thing ever?

Last September Foxkeh was born and we collected ideas for his name from over 7,000 community members. He was named Foxkeh after FIREFOX and SUKE, the suffix of common boy’s name in Japan (e.g. Daisuke Matsuzaka.) Since then, he has appeared in the VOX Banner Contest, a time chart document, an nonfiction novel on the history of Firefox, monthly wallpapers, a series of promotional videos, and much more.

+ Go Say Hello to Foxkeh! | Get Foxkeh Wallpaper!

14ZKidz Theme for Firefox

It seems like there are less and less Firefox themes being released these days. Has every good design been done? Well right about when you start to think that another one comes along to take over your browser’s look and feel.


The oddly named 14ZKidz theme has a colorful (but not kick you in the face with glee) look to it. As you know by now, I like the simple ones – and this one delivers it as good as any of the other boys on the block do.

+ Download and Install the 14ZKidz Theme for Firefox!

Tab Scope – Mini Tab Browsing

Tab ScopeI like the idea of being able to preview my tabs without clicking on them – but for the power hungry user, sometimes they need more.

The Firefox extension Tab Scope promises to deliver in this department. Here are some of the features:

  • Real-time preview of tab contents
  • Navigate (Back/Forward/Reload/Stop) through popup
  • Scroll pages or frames in preview with mouse wheel
  • Click links or buttons directly in preview

It gives you simple navigation tools to make your way around that preview image. Think of it as a browser inside the browser.

+ Download and Install the Tab Scope Extension for Firefox!

Most Bizarre Firefox Wallaper

The Mozilla peeps sure do have some devoted fans. Most of them are in the “norm” I guess you could say, but others are a little – well, lets just call them eccentric. While browsing the Web with my favorite browser I have run across many odd and bizarre wallpapers out there. Here are some of the weirdest ones I have stumbled across.

Bizarre Wallaper 1 Bizarre Wallaper 2 eyefire_by_jlizanab.jpg

Know of any more? Leave a comment or send them my way!

Help Promote Firefox Facts

Want to help promote one of your favorite Firefox eBooks and blogs? Drop this neat animated headline widget on your MySpace, Web site or any other place you can post or edit customized HTML content.

Firefox Facts

↑ Grab this Headline Animator

Let me know when and if you use it to. I’d love to check out where this thing gets posted to or on.