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Firefox Theme with BIG Buttons

I have never run across a Firefox theme with buttons that were this big till now.

Kempelton Large

The Kempelton Large theme for Firefox delivers in the big button department for sure. You can still get a little ‘bit smaller icons if you go with the ‘Use Small Icons’ option when using this theme. Use the standard Kempelton theme instead if you want a more typical icon size.

Do you like the big buttons?

Share Anything Online Anonymously

Hikkup is an interesting web site where you can send things out to folks anonymously. It was ment to ask those secret type of questions or make those hidden comments just to kind of get it out of your head and maybe get an opinion or two about it.

Well now they have a Firefox extension that only helps the sharing love.

Have you ever come across something on the Web that you wished you could forward to someone anonymously? Now you can. Just highlight the text, right-click, and choose “Send Anonymously!”. The recipient will get the text, a link, and any comments you add without knowing its you (you can reveal your identity if you want to).

Send Anonymous Stuff

Give it a shot and see what type of fun stuff you can figure out to send or that you can get from others. Might not seem like it would be, but it is slightly addicting and entertaining.

Mozilla Store Gets Makeover

Mozilla Store

The Mozilla Store has gotten a fresh new look. I have to say I really like it – and might even do some shopping there myself in the not so distant future. Why?

In honor of the new Mozilla Store opening, we are running a special promotion: with every purchase of over $10 that you make at the store, we will include an exclusive Japanese sticker set in your order. Take advantage of this great deal, and start shopping now!

If that is not enough reason to jump, then maybe winning $50 will be.

Not happy yet? How about you use the coupon code MOZILLASTYLE to get 10% off. Now lets see you keep from jumping up and down with excitement.

Antisocial Bookmark Tags

Tagging Minus the Social ExperianceWith all the social tools out there you have to manage your bookmarks, you might have had enough of it all. Stop the insanity man, because all this social stuff is getting on my last nerve, dude.

Ok, not really – but the Bookmark Tags extension is still a pretty neat one if you want bookmark tagging without the social experience other places provide.

Here is what the author of the Firefox extension has to say about it.

Bookmark Tags provides a different way of looking at your bookmarks: they’re “tagged” by the folders that contain them. Folders in different parts of the bookmarks hierarchy with the same name represent the same tag. Bookmark Tags therefore lets you manage your bookmarks in a non-hierarchical way.

All in all, I would say it is a good extension that delivers on the goal they promise, antisocial bookmark tagging in all its glory.

WordPress Installing via Firefox Extension

One Click Installer for WordPressNow I love WordPress, and I use it for nearly all of my various Web projects. I agree with the mass majority that installing WordPress plugins and themes can sometimes be a pain. Sure it isn’t rocket science, but it could be a little easier.

The OneClick Installer for WordPress extension for Firefox hopes to change that for me. A very unique idea indeed – this extension promises to give you that “one click” install process for any WordPress theme or plugin out there.

This makes the job of customizing your WordPress install just a little easier for folks that don’t want to dive into the HTML editors and FTP clients to get things done. To learn more about it, you can check out the author’s post on it – or check it out for yourself at the Mozilla addons web site.

Squeezing the Mozilla Blog Juice

Firefox BookmarksTime to grab those open source grapefruits and squeeze them till we get all the goodness out. Been heading here and there finding the best Firefox news one guy could possibly link to. What you see is grade A quality stuff.

No fillers and none of that nasty Microsoft extras.

Bonus! Help promote Firefox Facts with these cool animated headlines:

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Have a link to share? Stop keeping it to yourself, drop in a comment with your thoughts or send it my way via that old thing called e-mail.

How to Backup Stylish Styles

Backup Your User StylesI enjoy using the Stylish extension to make a lot of little edits to various web sites I visit around the web. The biggest would probably be Gmail – and I would rather not lose all the user style edits I have done just in case the worst might happen.

The other day I was re-installing Firefox on my main machine here, and I needed to backup the edits and user styles I had downloaded and created. I searched and searched, and finally found the place which it is saved to. It is not an easy file to find so I thought I would share with you where it is at.

On Windows XP go to Documents and Settings, then go to your profile folder. From there navigate yourself through Application Data, then Mozilla, then Firefox (yes, it is pretty deep in there) and then your profile folder for Firefox.

You made it! Do the dance of joy and move on…

The file your looking to copy is stylish.rdf. Of course you could always just search your computer for the same file name – but what fun would that be?

Just right-click on it, copy it and save it elsewhere. Then when you need to restore the settings, drag and drop it back where you found it and all should be well again.

Mr Uptime for No More Downtime?

Mr UptimeDon’t you hate it when you see a web site out there on one of the many social linking web sites out there like digg, you go to check out the cool new thing everybody has been talking about and the worst happens.

The link is dead, it has ceased to be – it is no more.

Mr Uptime hopes to change all of that. It is a Firefox extension that will monitor any web site you put into it and will let you know when it is back up and running. So what is the real story behind Mr Uptime? Here is how the developers put it:

Have you ever tried accessing a website and it didn’t respond? Of course you have. We all have! Mr Uptime is an extension to your Firefox browser that will keep trying to reach that website in the background while you continue surfing on other websites. When the website is accessible again, Mr Uptime will let you know. You can also use Mr Uptime when a website responds but doesn’t load correctly.

All in all I think this is a pretty great tool. I could see web hosting and web development gurus getting into using it as well for a number of other reasons too.

Project Update – Hosting Hoopla

Hosting HooplaNow spending a lot of time talking about things that are not related to Firefox or browsing here just seems like it is a little silly. Just give me five minutes though of your time (or less) and I promise you will feel the effort was worth it.

I just re-launched an older project of mine, From this point on my hope is this will be “the” list people come to, to find out some of the best news, resources, help, and more on and about the web development and web hosting worlds most of us have to deal with on a daily basis.

Of course you can subscribe via the RSS feed or even get daily e-mail updates. Don’t forget the mobile device friendly version of the Hosting Hoopla link list as well. Many ways to take in the hosting goodness.

So if your a web hosting or web development junkie like me, come check it out and let me know what you think, what you would like to see and more.