There is Love and Hate for AdBlock Plus

Ad Blocking ExtentionI have to admit it: I love AdBlock Plus. If all of my extensions (15 in number) were taken and I was left with the choice of one to keep, it would be ABP. I love not seeing annoying ads, and I love how much faster my browsing is because of the lack of junk. I love the safety and security that it provides through its ability to block things that like to track me.

Yet there is a person – no let me rephrase that. There is a monster trying to take away our rights to this wonderful service.

If you haven’t seen his site yet, it’s the same one referred to here:

It has changed since then. At first, he offered a script that blocked everybody using Firefox because everybody that uses Firefox uses ABP. Wait a minute, where’s the logic in that? But then he figured out his stupidity (one part of it anyway) and came out with a script that actually blocks only people using ABP, but before you know it, the ABP people come out with an update that basically renders his script useless.

Now Mr. Anti-freebrowsing is pouting up a storm on his website:

Serves him right! The people have a choice of what they want to view. I don’t want to see ads. That is MY choice, not the advertisers. What ever happened to basic liberties? Here’s your answer: it’s monsters like this that take them away. Stand up for your freedoms, people.

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Post by Samuel Brisby – Sam is currently a student majoring in computer science who loves and supports anything open-source especially the Firefox browser. Questions or comments can be sent to spamuel42 (at)

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