Spread Firefox – Version 2?

Spread Firefox

Time for one of the best Firefox resources out there to get a re-vamp? Saw a post by Asa this afternoon talking about upcoming changes to SpreadFirefox.com and like any fan boy I couldn’t pass up the chance to spread the word:

As some of you know, there’s been an effort ongoing for a couple of years to come up with a re-design of the Spread Firefox project. There’s a lot of history (too much) to go into all of it, but a while back Ian Hayward posted a call to action for building a new Spread Firefox.

Only big suggestion I can pass would be to draw more attention towards current, future and past Firefox projects such as Firefox Flicks, Mozilla 24, Air Mozilla, and more. Maybe even create a small section for quality un-official resources such as Learn Firefox, Mozilla Links, and hmm.. am I forgetting one?

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