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Air Mozilla Rocks

If you have been looking for a good source of Firefox videocasts, then you should look no further than Air Mozilla. I have to say I have been very impressed with the product and can’t wait to get the free time to watch some more. If you are interested in the “goings on” behind the team that brought you Firefox – give this one a shot.

I wish the Podomatic service they used on the back end of things provided a better interface for the whole thing, but you can’t hate the player – got to hate the game. I wanted to embed a player here in the post but for some reason the Podomatic service kind of sucks.

It doesn’t take away from the great content Air Mozilla is providing. Can’t say I would be disappointed to see them slap them on YouTube instead.

Metal Lion – 300 Inspired Theme

I always have a lot of love for the Firefox theme designers that think outside of the box. The Metal Lion 300 Firefox theme does just that.

300 Spartans Made This Theme

Inspired by the film 300, this theme has been designed to have a long lasting appeal to both fans of the film, but equally to those who have never seen or heard of it. Whereas other themes of mine have concentrated on gradient and/or 3D effects, this theme explores the interplay of colors and also the use of transparent effects.

Sure it might not be a selection that works for everybody, but I give them bonus points for trying to do something new.

Mini Map for the Firefox Sidebar

A Mini Map in Your Sidebar!Who doesn’t want to have a map in their Firefox sidebar?

Ok, sure maybe I had never thought about doing that either, but for the mobile person I could see where this might be handy. While checking up on the latest CyberNet News I found this neat extension – Mini Map Sidebar.

Here is a little more about the extension from the developers.

This extension comes with two mapping components, the main and most powerful one being a minimap sidebar. In this sidebar you can drag and drop addresses or locations you find on web pages and they will be automatically located, and added to your saved address list. The sidebar is launched from the toolbar icon (customize toolbar and drag in), a statusbar icon and the view sidebar menu.

It is a map, it lives in the sidebar… what else is there to say?

Put Firefox in Pinstripe

Remember when I told you last week how to install themes from new sources? Well I have yet another cool looking theme you can practice that on. The Pinstripe 2.2 theme for Firefox by tanjihay over at

Pinstripe Theme for Firefox

Sure it has that “Apple-like” flavor, but even Windows or Linux users can pretend right? Trying my best to forget about the Appleness myself and just keep telling myself it is a cool brushed-metal looking theme. Over and over… till those dreams of Steve Jobs touching my Firefox goes away.

Mozilla 24

Mozilla 24 is going on right now, and as you can see from the top of Firefox Facts – I have decided to join in on the fun as well.

“Mozilla 24” is a worldwide, 24-hour open discussion that connects community members, academics and Web visionaries from Asia, America and Europe, in person and over the broadband video WIDE network. The event will feature industry leaders who will present on Web trends and technologies that will help shape the future of the Web.

Not able to attend one of the event? Your not left out to sea! There are more ways to participate via the Mozilla 24 web site.

Installing Firefox Themes from New Sources

Installing ThemesAfter suggesting a few alternative download links the other day for Firefox themes, I had a few people e-mail me and asking, “How do I install these themes on DeviantArt?”.

Well, with DeviantArt and other places where you download a zip there is an easy (yet a little longer) install process.

For an example, lets say we just downloaded Castripe-iga 2.2 for Firefox. Now you have a zipped up file sitting on your desktop and you don’t know what to do next. First I want you to open up that zipped up folder and search for a .jar file. Drag that out of the zip file and onto your desktop (or export the file from your zip archive, different unzipping programs might do this differently).

Once that is done, open up Firefox – then go to Tools > Addons > Themes

Next drag and drop that .jar file you found earlier and put it inside of the window where you see all of the themes listed. A new familiar box will pop up saying that you have new software to install. If you have installed extensions or themes before – this window should look awful familiar.

Then, the only thing left to do is install it, restart Firefox – pick it as your theme and then restart Firefox again. Once that has been done your new theme should be installed.

Tip: Always check the .zip file you download for a “read me” file with any special instructions. This can save you a lot of time down the road and might give you more tips on how to personalize the theme a little more.

Get Your Purple ToonSkin

ToonSkin for Firefox

Purple, wacky but some-what purdy the ToonSkin theme for Firefox has a little ‘bit of something for everybody to enjoy. Been playing around with this one this morning, and have to say it is pretty nice. It’s a fully functional theme with a purple tint and a nice mix of Windows and Apple design techniques.

The only thing I wish is that it dealt a little better with having the toolbars in different places. If your toolbar area is customized at all – it kind of breaks the theme. Other than that though, I would give it three Firefox fanboys out of five.

Alternative Firefox Theme Downloads

There really are not that many resources for Firefox themes out there. I figured by now there would be more, but a search here and a search there only show a select few. Here are some of the best resources (excluding Mozilla’s because everybody knows about that one) for finding new Firefox themes I have stumbled upon.

Firefox Themes at Learn Firefox – Run by the CyberNet News crew it is one of the few unique resources out there. Browse by screenshot and find your favorite. – Firefox Themes – has a nice navigational system, but not as many themes as I expected to see them have. Hopefully it will grow more over time, because with more selection it might become a regular stop for me. Just need more selection, don’t think that is asking too much.

DeviantArt’s Firefox Themes – One of my old favorite sites on the web didn’t let me down. There are tons of themes on DeviantArt, and I bet some of them you have not even seen before. Browse through them thumbnail by thumbnail. Yet another good resource to bookmark.

Have anymore? Drop in a comment and share with the group.

Use iPhone Web Apps in Firefox’s Sidebar

iPhone Apps for FirefoxCome on, there has to be something useful the rest of the world (who doesn’t have an iPhone) can do with all these neat slim web apps that are coming out for the device, right? Looks like “the great themer” TwisterMC had the same idea:

Firefox’s sidebar is and odd place to load a web page, however if you manage your bookmarks, there will be an option to load any bookmark in your sidebar. The good news is that some iPhone applications can load and work in Firefox’s sidebar!

I have to admit some of them look pretty cool.

Check out the iPhone Application List for more suggestions to try too.

Found another iPhone application that looks good in the Firefox sidebar?