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deliGoo – Delicious Search Tool

deliGooHaving a problem wrapping your mind around or searching through your links? The deliGoo service has you covered.

They will combine and Google search to create a search engine for your bookmarks.

After you install the Firefox extension you can add the button to your toolbar and get started. From there you can type in the user and/or tag you wish to search through and then the search term you are looking for.

DeliGoo really is a delicious search tool, in more ways than one.

Keep That Tab Open – PermaTabs

I’ve touched on the PermaTabs extension before, but I think I failed at passing the message that this is a very excellent tool as far as getting the important things seen through the day.

PermaTabsFrom sun up to sun down, I keep Firefox open pretty much all the time – and I always have one or two web sites I want to keep open. PermaTabs does the best job at doing that for me – even if I have to restart Firefox from time to time. (yes, it does happen!)

If you haven’t picked up on it already this extension adds the ability to turn tabs of your choice into permanent tabs. PermaTabs can’t be closed accidentally (even when closing multiple tabs at once), and will stick around between sessions. No more lost link syndrome!

Want to save that link, but you need to restart the browser real quick? Just set it as a permanent tab for a few and when you come back it will still be there – waiting for you and your eventual return.

Speed Up Firefox, New Profile Tweak

The fox a little slow you say? Well instead of reinstalling Firefox, you could start up a new profile to speed things up. Yes, that old buddy of ours, the profile manager is still buried inside of Firefox. Once upon a time it was suppose to be used to manage multiple users – now it is tucked away.

New Profile for Firefox

I Windows all you need to do is go to Start, Run and then:

Type firefox.exe – P in the Run box of Windows

I have to say this has to be the most interesting way I’ve seen of speeding up Firefox. Check Out the Step by Step at Digital Inspiration!