Fancy Numbered Tabs

Numbered Tabs in FirefoxNow here is a new tab extension that got overlooked the other day with our roundup of the best of the best tab tweaks. Fancy Numbered Tabs lets you replace the red X that you see on your tabs (for closing) with numbers.

Now, why numbers? Well – and old keyboard shortcut guru once told me many moons ago that if you hit the Ctrl key plus one of the numbers on your keyboard you can quickly surf between the tabs you might have open.

If you like the shortcut, but hate remembering how to execute it the Fancy Numbered Tabs extension is an addon that can’t be missed.

This puts a prettier interface on that same idea so that you don’t have to sit and count up the tabs before you use the shortcut. I mean – come on, if you have to count up the tabs, then try to think of the keyboard shortcut then do it your not really saving time.

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