Tweak Your Autocomplete in Firefox

Ever found yourself thinking that the autocomplete feature of Firefox could use some tweaking? If your wanting to dive deeper into the advanced settings of how it works I might have an extension for you to drop into your own Firefox install.

Autocomplete Manager Options

Autocomplete Manager offers the options you never thought you would ever need to have with the autocomplete feature of Firefox. After installing here are a few of the new perks you will get:

  • matching against bookmark addresses
  • matching against page titles and bookmark names
  • matching anywhere in the address, not just the beginning
  • completing the best match inline
  • temporarily or permanently disabling the suggestion popup
  • excluding local pages and pages containing search results

Want to grab a few more details? Go check out this thread about it over at the site for more information.

Now the good? This extension gives you tons of new ways to tweak your autocompleting ways. The bad side of things though, and it has to be said these days – some have said this is a big resource hog. So you might weigh the bad with the good and make the best selection for you.

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