Finally Firing Up Firefox 3

I took the leap (actually would call it more of a hop) to try Firefox 3. I’ve done my best to say away but couldn’t do it any longer. Now is this going to turn Mozilla on it’s head or just be a little update nobody cares about?

Well, with style – you see more of the same. That isn’t always a bad thing though. Sure we all like flashy new interfaces, and Firefox 3 has optimized and changed a few things around. Firefox was never designed to be pretty (that is what themes are for). Firefox is optimized for getting things done.

Wasn’t really excited about the changes to the bookmark manager. It looks a little too busy for my taste. Also would have liked to have seen them eliminate the popups for options and addons. I really don’t spend as many hours going to and from bookmarks anymore so that doesn’t bug me much. As long as you can still edit it – Firefox 3, your still good in my book.

Memory usage is still a problem and ohh man am I tired of hearing that.

Speed? Yes, it does feel faster – even running it sandboxed (via Sandboxie). That is the one thing I am the most excited about. So I am interested – are you interested in it? Are you wanting to upgrade to Firefox 3 as soon as you can or will you wait till all your extensions have gotten updated?

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