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Thanks to some of the best bookmarklets out there on the Web, I feel like I have become a more organized and productive person. With the new year heading in, I figured this might be a good time to remind you to clean out the junk in your Firefox links bar and add some new things that might also help you become a better browser via your browser.

bookmark.png Toolbar-less StumbleUpon
I love StumbleUpon as much as the next guy, but the toolbar they provide is quickly becoming cluttered with stuff I don’t really care about viewing.

bookmark.png Gmail This!
If you find yourself as a user of Gmail sending a lot of stuff back and forth to friends, this is a bookmarklet that is as handy as any extension out there. Get a pop up window with an e-mail ready to go with the link of the web site you are on. You could use it right now to send this article over to Bob down the street. Go ahead and do it, I promise he won’t mind.

bookmark.png ShareThis
This service makes it super easy to get to sharing just about anything at just about all the biggest bookmarking and social link sharing web sites out there. Digg, delicious, and more.

bookmark.png GooTube FLV Retriever
Want to steal barrow a video you find from YouTube? This bookmarlet will give you quick and easy access to download the video from the Web in the .flv format. From there you can do with it what you want or need to do.

bookmark.png Bookmarklet Generator
Create your own bookmarklet for the social bookmarking service. Need more bookmarlet fun? Check out

bookmark.png Google Reader Bookmarklet
To grab this one, login to Google Reader, then go to Settings and then Goodies. Both the Next (which takes you one by one through your recent items) and the Subscribe are neat to play with and use.

bookmark.png Submit to Digg
Here is a quick and easy bookmarklet that will allow you to submit a link quickly to Digg. The really neat feature is that whatever text you have highlighted will also be in the body ready to go for the Digg post.

bookmark.png TwitThis
Couldn’t forget about the Twitter fans out there. This bookmarklet allows you to quickly twitter about any web page you are currently viewing, so you can share it with others.

bookmark.png MooURL
This is just one of the many URL shortener out there today. Another one I really like using is urlTea. Both of these come bookmarklet ready right on their front pages. Nice to have when you want to pass along that really long web address.

Know of any more that I might have forgotten about? Feel free to drop them in as a comment and share them with your other Firefox Facts fanatics. Bookmarklets are kind of like underwear, everybody has a few favorites and some people don’t like to change. Give these a shot though and I promise you will feel the pulse of productivity grow from within.

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