Good, Bad and Ugly – Firefox Micro Themes

Smaller Firefox ThemesI promise to deliver you the shortest tiny Firefox theme roundup you will find anywhere on the World Wide Web. There are tons of themes out there, as you have seen through the years here on Firefox Facts but some themes are a lot smaller than most. They still pack the same punch, but for the true minimalist – these are the themes you must have to maximize your browsing space.

  • miniFox & miniFoxFlat – both pretty to look at and still functional to use. both also have the same basic look and style.
  • Classic Compact – seen pictured above, gives you a smaller version of the default theme.
  • Le Breeze – tiny and not distracting in the least, it will help you keep your attention the web page you are viewing and not the browser your using.
  • Nautipolis – not on any of my real top 10 lists (sorry gnome guys), it is small but kinda ugly to boot.
  • Microfirefox – another slightly ugly, yet functional tiny them.
  • Littlefox – looks like a clone of Nautipolis, where’s the difference?

Know of a great looking (and small) theme I might have missed? Please let me know about it. I like the idea of having a smaller Firefox interface to look at – I just have yet to really find the theme that pulls it all together for me.

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