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Remove the Toolbar Clutter

Remove the Clutter from FirefoxBy design, Firefox is pretty easy to customize as far as the toolbars on the top go. You just have to right click on some empty space up there, then choose “Customize”. From there you can drag things off the Firefox toolbars or add them. Two options are not so easily edited though. That would be the “Go” button and the magnifying glass.

To remove these two, you will need to edit your UserChrome.css file and add these entries to the bottom.

Remove the Go Button:

#go-button-stack, .search-go-button-stack {
display: none !important;

Remove the “Search” Button:

/*Remove magnifying glass button from search box*/
.search-go-button-stack { display: none !important; }

Now when your done, restart Firefox and you now have a little more room freed up where those buttons used to be.

Remove the Clutter

This is a classic Firefox 2 tip that makes me wonder if it will still exist with Firefox 3 looming around the corner?

eBay Trackers, Sorters and Tools for Firefox

eBay Firefox Tips and Tools Am I weird? I never fell victim to becoming obsessive compulsive about eBay so maybe a lot of these tools fell under the radar for me before, but after taking a look there are a slew of Firefox extensions to help you get the most out of your online auctions.

Firefox Companion for eBay – The official Firefox and eBay extension. It keep an eye on your eBay trading wherever you are on the web.

eBayCaptcha Populator – Promises to fill in the captchas for you on the eBay web site. Yes, those boxes where you have to type in ridiculous phrases to show your human.

myibay eBay bid sniper – linking to eBay bid sniper will help you snipe and monitor your auctions.

ShortShip Pro – Adds real-time sorting of eBay listings by total and shipping, and so much more! We do everything we can to make eBay a better place to shop.

myTimeZone for eBay – Automatically converts times on eBay pages to your local time zone and custom formats dates/times to be more readable.

eBay Buddy – This is a small extension for quick navigation of eBay and other related tools through the right-click context menu or toolbar button.

Know of anymore good eBay tools for Firefox?

Interview with “Mr. Adblock Plus” Wladimir Palant

Adblock PlusI think too often the extensions and themes in the Mozilla realm might get more attention than the people behind them.  With that said, I want to shed a little light on the people who make these things happen from both inside and outside of Mozilla. So where to start? How about with Wladimir Palant – the creator of Adblock Plus.

What is the difference between Adblock and Adblock Plus?

Well, usually that’s the point where I send people to the FAQ:

Adblock is very outdated, it hasn’t been updated for a while. There is a bunch of ways that web sites can detect Adblock, there is also a bunch of ways that web sites can prevent their ads from being blocked – no such security holes exist in Adblock Plus to my knowledge.

Adblock is full of UI inconsistencies, I tried to eliminate those as much as possible. One extremely important Adblock Plus feature is filter subscriptions – you can subscribe to a filter list maintained by somebody else and just forget about the ads. In Adblock you have to use Filterset.G Updater if you don’t want to write the filters yourself – not the perfect choice if compared to some subscriptions available for Adblock Plus. Finally, I put lots of effort into making Adblock Plus efficient and into avoiding website breakage – both points that were never considered in Adblock development.

That’s only the big differences I can give you off the top of my head.

Have you ever been approached by any of the advertising businesses offering to pay you briefcases full of money to stop what your doing?

LOL – No, I am not that important yet, the advertising industry cares very little about Adblock Plus. It is mostly owners of small websites who care – and suspect that they would earn millions if it weren’t for Adblock Plus. But those would never pay.

How much of your daily life has Adblock Plus taken over? Do you have time for other projects and work or is it Adblock on your mind 24/7?

I have my day job as well, you know? :)

I don’t have any constant amount of time per day that I spend on Adblock Plus. Sometimes I actually used to spend a few days on Adblock Plus only though mostly it wasn’t more than 2-3 hours per day. Recently however other things have taken over so that now I only spend maybe 4 hours on Adblock Plus per week – barely enough to maintain the project yet not enough to develop it further. I hope that I will have more time for it again soon.

As far as development goes, have you done all that can be done or are you still looking at improvements that can be made to the product for future releases?

I haven’t even started. There is very much that can be done. Something that I hope to see happen in the nearest future is a community-driven filter database that will allow classification of filters, and that in turn should allow users to choose which types of filters they want to subscribe to (e.g. graphical ads but not text ads). Something else that is in discussion is a set of rules for “acceptable advertising” and the ways how a “certification” of ad servers according to these rules can work – users would be able to configure Adblock Plus to not block these ads then.

What is the best way for normal everyday users to help with the development of Adblock Plus?

Testing Adblock Plus (also development builds) and reporting bugs is something where I can never get enough help. In particular testing in less popular applications (Songbird, K-Meleon etc) is where we have issues right now. Helping other users (forums) is another area where everybody can contribute.

I have to point to the FAQ here again:

I want to thank Wladimir Palant for taking time out to talk with me here, and please be sure to check out Adblock Plus if you haven’t done so already. I think if there was an extention hall of fame for Firefox – Wladimir’s contribution would definitely belong.

Move Firefox Tabs to the Bottom

Want to change up how you use Firefox? Some other browsers did the whole “tabs on the bottom” thing – and yes, Firefox can even pull off this trick with a little hacking around with the UserChrome.css file.

Firefox Tabs on Bottom of Window

Here is what you need to add to your UserChrome.css file to get this to work:

/* Display the tabbar at the bottom */
#content > tabbox { -moz-box-direction: reverse; }

You can also move the tab bar to your left or right too, just in case you want to really try something different.

Phoenity Aura

I found me a new good looking theme to use, and wanted to share it with you all. I’ve just been using it for a little ‘bit but I like it more the more I use it.

Phoenity Aura

Phoenity Aura is a refreshing new themes that still has be best of the old Firefox layout and design, but gives it a visual kick in the pants when it comes to the icons. So if your not exactly tired of the old Firefox default theme but want a new look – this addon is one you should put into your theme rotation.

Change Default Search in Firefox

Change Your Default SearchTired of having Google as the default search engine in Firefox? Maybe it is another search engine’s turn to be on top?! If you feel the urge to dethrone Google as the default search engine for your Firefox search box – this is how you can get it done:

In your address bar, type in: “about:config”

Inside of the filter search box, type in:

Double click that entry (or right click and choose “Modify”) and then type in the name of the search engine you wish to have as the default search engine. It must be one that you already have installed and also make sure you type in the name correctly.

Now if you type in “Yahoo”, restart Firefox and when your browser comes back up you will see the red Yahoo “Y” and Yahoo as your default search engine.

In Other Firefox News…

Time to go grab some Firefox related headlines from other places to let you know what others are saying about browser. From news, to tips and even a few tricks there is a little ‘bit of something for everybody this week.

Have an interesting link to share or pass my way? Leave a comment or drop me an e-mail at and I’ll be more than happy to share it with the masses.

Good, Bad and Ugly – Firefox Micro Themes

Smaller Firefox ThemesI promise to deliver you the shortest tiny Firefox theme roundup you will find anywhere on the World Wide Web. There are tons of themes out there, as you have seen through the years here on Firefox Facts but some themes are a lot smaller than most. They still pack the same punch, but for the true minimalist – these are the themes you must have to maximize your browsing space.

  • miniFox & miniFoxFlat – both pretty to look at and still functional to use. both also have the same basic look and style.
  • Classic Compact – seen pictured above, gives you a smaller version of the default theme.
  • Le Breeze – tiny and not distracting in the least, it will help you keep your attention the web page you are viewing and not the browser your using.
  • Nautipolis – not on any of my real top 10 lists (sorry gnome guys), it is small but kinda ugly to boot.
  • Microfirefox – another slightly ugly, yet functional tiny them.
  • Littlefox – looks like a clone of Nautipolis, where’s the difference?

Know of a great looking (and small) theme I might have missed? Please let me know about it. I like the idea of having a smaller Firefox interface to look at – I just have yet to really find the theme that pulls it all together for me.

Over 3,000 Firefox Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Firefox Facts - Over 3,000 Served DailyI just realized this seconds ago, we broke the 3,000 subscriber mark with our RSS feed. Of course with my luck it’ll go down tomorrow – but hey, I’m going to celebrate the moment while I have it!

Now why did I say “we” and “our”? Well this site is as much mine as it is yours and without you it wouldn’t still be around today. Thank each and every one of you for subscribing and telling your friends about Lets not stop now though.

Please keep sharing this resource with others and passing them along our subscription info page so they too will be able to celebrate with us!

Social Media – your top news tipster

For those of you who like to keep tabs on the popular kids in the Internet class we all sit in day after day, Social Media promises to bring together stories to let you know what place a page has on the social news networks.

Giving You the Leg Up in Social News…

This extension for Firefox wants to be your tipster when it comes to if a story is good or not. If you find out one story is doing great and it hasn’t hit the other social news site yet – nows your chance to grab it from one source and go post it somewhere else.

Social Media on the Web

Confused on how to use it? Here is how the developers explain:

To make sure it works, go to any web page and hit the manual button, it should then load how many votes that page has had across all the featured social sites, which currently includes: Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and

I like the fact they are not doing the same ol’ stuff when it comes to rolling out yet another social network extension. I think they will need to find a better hook though to capture regular users who probably don’t exactly understand why you would want to use Social Media on a day to day basis.