Me.dium Goals, Future and Praise

Me.dium InterviewMe.dium is one of those unique Firefox addons that delivers a service that none so far have been able to duplicate. Giving you a way to chat live with other people on the same page – the idea is simple, yet brilliant. I recently had the chance to get a quick interview in with David Mandell the founder and VP of Marketing at Me.dium.

Does it make you feel nervous at all that your success is so tied into the success of addons for the browser? You have clients for both Firefox and Internet Explorer, but what if addons sometime become “not so cool”.

Sure, industry change always makes us nervous. The key is to continually provide enough value for the user that cool transforms into indispensable. We are trying to provide a tremendous amount of information in a very small space, so there is always the possibility of looking at other ways to display the value, but at this point, the experience of surfing with your friends is so tied to where you are on the Internet, that a marriage between the browser and Me.dium makes sense.

How quickly has your user base grown and how many average users would you say you have at the present date and time?

We’ve been very pleased with our user growth and Firefox has played a big part in that. We’re looking forward to the 3.0 upgrade to fuel even more users. While specific numbers aren’t something that we publicize, the key with Me.dium has always been more about whether there are people that matter to me (my friends or people doing similar things) online right now. We have gotten to the point now where there are enough people using Me.dium at the same time that you are no longer alone online. You can bump into your friends and gain value by watching the activity of other users.

From my standpoint, you have done a lot when it comes to bringing a social interaction to any site or page. What is next with the Me.dium project?

Thanks for the vote of confidence! That’s definitely been our goal. I think as far as the next evolution goes, we need to really refine a bunch of things on the User Interface side to make it much more understandable and usable. Surfing with your friends in Me.dium still takes a bit too much of a learning curve from our perspective and adding a bunch of new features before the current version of Me.dium is a bit clearer and easier to use is probably just going to muddy the waters a bit.

When and where does Me.dium become a profitable business?

Working on setting that meeting right now. I’ll shoot over the coordinates and meet you there! :)

In all seriousness, were working hard to package the data that our users share in a valuable way right now. Based on all market data we have, it’s not too far out at the moment. The key for us will be making sure that our users know how we are creating value with their shared data so the process is clear and users know exactly what we are getting in return for whatever they choose to share with us.

As far as Firefox extensions go, what separates Me.dium from the rest of the pack as a must have addon to any browser?

That’s an easy one. Today’s browsing experience is simply way too solitary. Me.dium makes the entire web social. By connecting you in real time to all your friends online, Me.dium is the only way to get all the benefits of your social interactions from the real world in your online world.

Unlike social networks, Me.dium isn’t just a collection of pages where you post information about yourself and send your friends messages. Me.dium is a social browsing add-on that transforms the entire web into a social experience. Navigate around the entire web with people you care about. Bump into your friends and interact with the crowds, wherever they are.

Me.dium allows you to truly surf with friends for the first time:

  • Watch YouTube vids together and share them with your friends in real time.
  • Cruise Flickr or Facebook pics with your friends.
  • Cruise the best shopping sites and shop together like your in the store with your friends.

Surfing the web has been a private and solitary activity for too long. Just like in the real world, you have more fun when you can share your experiences with friends. Me.dium has redefined what it means to surf the web by bringing you and your friends together in a true social experience. That’s what separates Me.dium from the rest of the pack.

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