Firefox Vulnerability Isn’t a Threat (Maybe)?

There is a kind of major security threat that isn’t really a threat but it is and yeah, I am very confused. Instead of trying to explain things I’ll share with you the information as I got it.

Ronald van den Heetkamp says that he found a vulnerability that effects all versions of Firefox (even the most recent update). Found out about this over at Mozilla Links.

Then I go check out Asa’s blog to see what he is saying about it, and he writes:

This news item on /. and making the rounds on some blogs is not real. It’s not a flaw. This guy’s found a way to read a file that doesn’t contain any personal information and that’s identical for every Firefox install on the planet. It’s simply not a flaw.

His post then points me over to Mike Shaver’s post who does a better job at explaining the situation. It turns out that the vulnerability found does not have access to the user’s setting at all. The files are not stored in the Windows program files (or any other operating system’s equivalent for that mater). Check out his post to see Ronald and Mike discuss the topic on on one via the comments for more information.

I love the Internet.

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