Firefox Tab-a-mania!

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that tabs are a big part of the success of Firefox. So to pay homage to that trait that we all know and love I pulled out some of the most popular tab tips to date that I have posted here on Firefox Facts. Some of them you remember, and some you may have missed.

Here we have 40 A+ tips though that will make your tabs even more terrific!

  1. Drag Tabs Between Windows
  2. Change Tabs With Number Keys
  3. Fancy Numbered Tabs
  4. Tab Effect
  5. Color Your Tabs Pink with pinkTabs
  6. Keep That Tab Open – PermaTabs
  7. 2 Tab About:Config Tips
  8. Get a Menu Option for Tabs
  9. Move Firefox Tabs to the Bottom
  10. Unhide Hidden Tabs
  11. Copy Your URLs in Every Open Tab
  12. Tab Counter
  13. Firefox Tab Enhancements
  14. FaviconizeTab
  15. Restore Your Tabs
  16. Firefox Tabs vs Firefox Windows
  17. Tabs Menu
  18. 20 Tips to Tweak Your Tabs
  19. Highlight the Active Tab
  20. Group Tabs by Web Site
  21. Change Tab Close Buttons
  22. Tab Previews
  23. Firefox Showcase
  24. Rename Tabs
  25. NewTabURL
  26. Tab Browsing Tweaks
  27. Scrollbar For Your Tabs
  28. A Deep Look at Colored Tabs
  29. PermaTabs
  30. Tab to Window
  31. Auto-Expanding Tabs
  32. Launch Tabs from Run Box
  33. ReloadEvery
  34. Duplicate Tab
  35. Aging Tabs
  36. Tree Styled Tabs
  37. Change or Disable Tab Overflow
  38. Tab Scope – Mini Tab Browsing
  39. Modify Tab Scrolling
  40. You Tell Me in the Comments!

Have another tab tip your just dying to share? What would your #40 be on this list?

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