Chatting About Theme Design with TwisterMc

Interview with TwisterMc

It isn’t every day that we get the chance to pick the brain and converse with probably one of the most popular Firefox theme designers (and all around pretty cool guy) TwisterMc.  He is best known for the iPox series of themes he has done for Firefox, but also has several other projects worth checking into when you get the time.

To many you are only known as TwisterMc, the brilliant designer that does all those iPox themes for Firefox. Where did the nickname come from?

TwisterMc: I’ve always been fascinated with the weather and especially tornados; even though I’ve never seen one. When it came time to get my own domain, I wanted something that had to do with weather. Since twister was already taken, I added Mc from my last name and came up with TwisterMc.

Where do you draw your inspiration or ideas from when it comes to sitting down and designing a theme from scratch?

TwisterMc: I get inspiration from everything. It could be a web site I came across, cool packaging or just the result of trying a few designs and seeing what I like.

Now your not all just about the Firefox themes, what other side projects have you got going on?

TwisterMc: Besides themes I’ve dabbled in Firefox extensions, WordPress plugins, desktop backgrounds and a few miscellaneous Growl notifications and Apple Scripts. I also operate a lot of web sites that cover a variety of topics.

Now you have done many different themes for Firefox. Out of them all which one would you consider to be your favorite and why?

TwisterMc: Ohh that’s a hard one. I love the one I’m working on at any given moment. If I had to pick one, I really like iPox as it’s where it all started.

With Firefox 3, you were one of the first ones to note that there would need to be some big changes to the current themes to get them up to date with the new look and feel of the newest version of the browser. Are you looking forward to the challenge or wishing Mozilla would have left well enough alone?

TwisterMc: I do like the challenge. Re-working the themes take me back into each and gives me added incentive to polish the themes even more. The only difference this time is that I have a lot more themes to update.

If there was no Firefox, what do you think you would be skinning up instead if anything at all?

TwisterMc: Probably WordPress. I’m a big WordPress fan and I think there are a lot of possibilities with WordPress themes right now. I know how to do it, I just haven’t sat down and done a public theme yet.

Thanks to Thomas (aka the twisted one) for taking the time out to answer a few of my questions. If you know of any other Firefox or Mozilla aficionado you’d like for me to give the shakedown to till they answer some of our questions, let me know.

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