Firefox 3’s Color Profile Support

When it comes to tweaking some of the internals of Firefox, your average user won’t care that much – but for the graphic or photography nuts this next ‘bit of news should be exciting.  It seems that the color profile support for Firefox 3 will be better.  Although, the updated and upgraded is not enabled by default (due to resource issues) if you need it – it will be there.


This image above should give you a good idea of what you can look forward to once it is enabled.  See how Firefox 3’s color representation and Photoshop are just about the same?  I won’t lie, I am not as up on this color profile information as much as other may be so let me direct you to a great article that tackles this subject even deeper. 

One thing that has always irritated me about looking at pictures on the web is that browsers don’t seem to display photographs properly. And by “photographs” I really mean “colors”. I spend a lot of time tweaking pictures in Photoshop, but when I upload them to my Flickr account and look at them in Firefox 2 the colors aren’t the same — they’re more washed out, dull, and lifeless. It’s a subtle thing, but annoying nonetheless.

You can check more out about Firefox 3’s color profile support and what to look forward to on Firefox 3: Color profile support (oh the pretty, pretty colors) (a great article by the way) via

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