Compose a New Gmail Message in Firefox Sidebar

firefox-sidebar-gmail You should know I love the “Open a Tool in Firefox’s Sidebar” tips by now. 

This one crossed my feed reader, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to send it to all of you.  With a ‘bit of a work around you can now open your “compose a new e-mail” link from Gmail in as a Firefox sidebar.  Here is how to get it done:

You’ll want to login to Gmail, and then click on the “Compose Mail” link.  When the new message page comes up, you want to click on the popout icon in the upper right corner.  When the popup comes at you, go to the address bar of the new window and copy the URL for it. 

If you can’t see the address bar then just right click on the page, and select “Bookmark this Page”.  Add the bookmark to a location you can remember and hit the “OK” button.  Then you need to right-click the bookmark, select Properties and then hit the check mark to “Load this bookmark in the sidebar”. 

There you have it, now you can compose Gmail messages right from your Firefox sidebar.  Thanks goes out to Digital Streets for pointing this neat sidebar hack out.  Does this work better for you, or would you rather have the popup?

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