Firefox 3 – RC1 is in the Public!

Firefox 3 - RC1 is OUT!

After three years of development, Firefox 3 has finally almost made it to a version ready for the public.  So what does the release candidate (otherwise known as RC) mean?  This is pretty much the final version of Firefox 3 – short of bug fixes and little tweaks here and there. 

I think this quote from Asa Dotzler sums things up nicely…

With more than 15,000 improvements over the previous release, ranging from dramatic performance and memory gains to truly innovative features like the “Awesome Bar,” Firefox 3 is the no-compromise browser that puts you back in control of your Web experience.

So will you be giving Firefox 3, release candidate 1 a shot?  If interested you can download it for yourself on Mozilla’s web site.

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