Archive | May, 2008

Metal Lion Theme Goes to Firefox 3

Still haven’t seen many, but hope to see more. What am I concerned with? Classic Firefox 2 themes that we have all known and loved on Firefox 3. It is not secret that news about themes have dropped some here and elsewhere due to the change from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 but now it looks like Metal Lion is crossing the line.

Metal Lion – Andromeda gives Firefox 3 a classic sleek look, with your shinny blue icons. If the rest of you desktop is blue, this is the perfect fit for you. Ok, maybe I might be a little short on words for this design but it is a good one so lets let it speak for itself.

Death to the Multi-paged Article or Post?

combine-multiple-pages Repagination is an add-on for Firefox that promises to end the need to click here to go to part two, part three and part four. At the end of some articles, you often see the links to more pages and for some people, that is a bothersome trait of Online publishing.

They want to see everything all at once. That is what Repagination has come to the dance to do.

For example, here is how you would use it on a Google search:

To use, right-click on a “Next” link (it works with other languages, too) or a “2” link, select Re-Pagination, All. Or select Re-pagination, Limited and the number of pages to append. For an example, see the previews of this extension. For photos, right-click on the “Next” link, select Re-pagination, Slideshow and the duration in seconds of each page display. The pages will replace each other instead of appending.

So if your looking for an easy way to combine a multi-paged article into one single web page, give Repagination a shot.