Firefox 3, Worth the Wait? What About Firefox 4?

So as you anticipate getting your hands on Firefox 3 tomorrow, do you think it will be worth the wait?  Due to memory issues and problems with multiple tabs Firefox 2 has kinda been the picked on step child of the Firefox releases.  Personally Firefox 2 never caused me any big issues, but for others it is a different issue.

Also, what comes next after Firefox 3?  Here is what Mike Shroepfer, Mozilla VP of Technology has had to say on Firefox 3.1 and Firefox 4:

There were a number of features that we held back from Firefox 3 because  they weren’t quite ready – but they were nearly complete.    These include things like XHR, native JSON DOM bindings, ongoing performance tuning,  awesomebar++, better system integration, etc.  This along with the overall quality of Gecko 1.9 as a basis for mobile and the desire to get new platform features out to web developers sooner has lead to us want to do a second release of Firefox this year.   This release would be date-driven and targeted at the end of 2008.   Any features not ready in time will move to the next major release.  This is currently planned to be based on Gecko 1.9.1 – but if there are solid technical reasons for breaking frozen APIs we will bump the version number to Mozilla2.

Firefox 4 will incorporate some of the more aggressive platform improvements in Mozilla2.   It is far too early to set a shipping date  but an initial target would be sometime in late 2009.  Mozilla2 work has been underway for > 8 months

One thing is for sure, it is a good time to be a Firefox fanatic. 

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