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Download Day - English

So you woke up early, ran to your PC, wanted to download Firefox 3 and you see there is no buzz about it yet.  Did you mark the right day on your calendar?

Yes, today is Download Day for Firefox 3.

Right now we are just waiting for Mountain View, California, USA at 10:00:00 AM. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) to happen.  At that time the switch will be flipped and Firefox 3 will be ready for the masses!

To help with the time conversions, check out this link.  For the US, it looks like the eastern time zone will get it at 1:00 PM.  The central time zone gets it at noon.  The mountain time zone gets it at 11:00 AM and the west coast will get it at 10:00 AM.

Now I just wonder how many times an hour the Firefox home page will be refreshed during the day looking for changes?

Keep sending in your comments and questions, will be helping you all through out the day!

Update: Watch the Mozilla team’s progress through all of today’s tasks and jobs:  http://wiki.mozilla.org/Releases/Firefox_3.0

Update #2: Once the time has come, most of us can pickup the download here:  http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.0/win32/en-US/ Downloading from here will not be counted towards the world record downloads. So please try to do it via getfirefox.com.

Update #3: Loads of fake Firefox 3 sites are popping up, especially on sites like Digg.com.  Please make sure you go to mozilla.org to download Firefox 3 and no where else.

Update #4: Less than an hour to go, and SpreadFirefox.com is having MySQL connection issues. All you Spread Firefox peeps feel free to join us here. :D

Update #5: It’s time! No wait – getfirefox.com is already dead.

Update #6: Here is the latest from Mozilla:

The outpouring of interest and enthusiasm around Firefox 3 has been overwhelming (literally!). Our servers are currently feeling the burn and should be back to normal shortly. Download day will officially commence once the site goes live. The 24 hours period will be clocked from that moment. Thanks for your continued support.

Update #7: Mozilla’s Firefox web site is coming back up with a new design!

Update #8: Mozilla’s Firefox web site is now pointing to the Firefox 3 download link. Enjoy! (If you get “connection interrupted” try again… later.)

Update #9: Able to grab Firefox 3 yet? If so, then grab your own certificate as a special gift for helping out:

Firefox 3 - Download Day 2008


Update #10: Mozilla.com web traffic is pushing well over 2 Gigabits a second of just pure HTTP traffic. That is in addition to the 13 Gigabits a second or so of download traffic. We are still at around 14,000 download/minute and mozilla.com is responding well! Go Mozilla community and IT team!

+ Need a New Theme for Firefox 3? – FirefoxFacts.com has got you covered!

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