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Quick Peek at DashBlog

1 Need a Firefox add-on that may fuel your creative juices when it comes to blogging?  I know you.  You said you might almost want to try it again but you just don’t have the time – or you think it is too complicated. 

DashBlog has high hopes to save the day for you and many other wanting the task of sharing things with friends a lot easier.

This extension lets you quickly gather and post videos, images, text/quotes, songs and screen-captures from any web page and publish them to your blog.  Right now they have support built in for Twitter, WordPress, Tumbler and Blogger.  The promise here is to give you “the fastest and easiest way for you post video, text, quotes, images and songs to your blog”.

You can pick it up at Mozilla Add-ons or the DashBlog site.

Silvermel is the Best Firefox 3 Theme Yet?

Silvermel might be the best looking design out there for Firefox 3 and it’s e-mailing counterpart, Thunderbird.

screenshot-ff screenshot-tb

Found out about this beauty of a theme via TwisterMC, and if anybody knows about a good looking theme, it is that guy.  Every inch of this theme is skinned from top to bottom with what I can only call “slickness”.  Silvermel seems to be a relation to Charamel – another great looking Firefox theme I hardly knew.

Pick up Silvermel for both Firefox and Thunderbird at

+ Check out more of the “best of” Firefox 3 themes!

Post Delay, Back Online!

Big Storm 08

Just wanted to explain my lack of posting since last week.  We had a lot of bad storms down here, and in my neck of the woods – we just got power turned back on last night.  I had to spend 3 days without my favorite browser. *sniffle* All is good now though, so the Firefox Facts should be coming back to you as soon as possible!  Thanks for your understanding!

Use Google’s New Favicon in Your Search Box

google-new-favicon-firefox Do you really love the new Firefox favicon that was released a short while ago?  Well, thanks to a little shifting around of Firefox’s internal organs Mozilla Links has come up with a way you can update your search box’s Google favicon to match.  Here are the instructions:

    • Locate the searchplugins folder in your Firefox install folder. (typically C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ on Windows).
    • Open the google.xml file with a text editor.
    • Locate a section that starts with <Image width=”16″ height=”16″>. You will see it is followed by a long series of characters (the encoded Google icon).
    • Replace it with this equally unreadable code: the new encoded Google icon. Ensure the closing </Image> stays there.
    • Save the file and restart Firefox.

      If your picky about this sort of thing, or you just really love the new look this is a quick and easy hack to do.  Also check out Mozilla Links for more information on this awesome tip.

      Use PayPal like a Credit Card

      paypal-firefox-addon How would you like to be able to use PayPal anywhere and everywhere, even where it is not accepted?  At this point the PayPal people hope you are excited because that is what they would like to offer to you via a new Firefox plugin.

      Once you get it up and running, a window should come up when you visit a web site asking for your credit card information. With this new Firefox extension, you now have the choice to pay via a card that PayPal creates for you or you can generate a card manually through a drop down menu.

      Some of the other features include:

    1. Use Secure Cards to shop anywhere online
    2. Save and print your receipts
    3. Enter addresses with 1 click during checkout
    4. Avoid fraudulent web sites
    5. Check your balance right from your browserOnly downside is this add-on is only for Firefox 2 right now.  I am sure it won’t take long for them to get it updated for Firefox 3 when the time is right.

      To pickup the new Firefox PayPal Plug-in, you must login to your PayPal account, and then there should be a link to click on your left to “Use PayPal even where it is not accepted”.  Hopefully in the future, they will put this in an easier place to access.  All in all though, great idea if you are a heavy PayPal user.

    6. Firefox 3 RC 2 Released

      We are getting closer to a final release for Firefox 3 and that is the sort of thing that just makes me all happy inside.  Not much is really known about the Firefox 3 RC2 release as far as what has been improved.  In a general nutshell it is said they fixed some reliability and performance issues.  For me?  It is just as awesome as Firefox 3 RC1 was, so thank goodness for little things.

      You can download the Firefox 3 – RC2 at the Mozilla web site if your feeling like you want to do a little testing.  If you have RC1 and you want to move to RC2, just go up to “Help” in the menu bar, then “Check for Updates”.

      Check out the release notes for yourself and then download if your ready to take the leap.  Once again, must say this isn’t the final version just yet, so unless your just overly curious like some of us – might want to wait before downloading.

      Tell JavaScript What it Can and Can Not Do

      Controle de Scripts is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to control what JavaScript on a web site can (or can not) do to your browser.  Here is a little more about the extension from the developer:


      Besides the well-known basic permissions, like hiding toolbars or raise or lower windows, with Controle de Scripts you can set what functions or properties each site can access or modify, thanks to its Security Policies implementation.

      Think of it as the regular permissions for JavaScript (setup by going to Tools > Options > Content and then the “Advanced” button next to “Enable JavaScript”) on steroids.  Some say these are the tools Firefox should provide by default – and now you can at least add them on for good measure.

      Pickup Controle de Scripts via Mozilla Add-ons Site or the official site for this awesome JavaScript controlling addition to the browser.

      Phoenity Reborn for Firefox 3

      Every day it seems as if we are getting more theme jewels back for Firefox 3 that we previously had on Firefox 2.  One of the most popular out there of all the Firefox themes would be the Phoenity series which is now back for Firefox 3 with Phoenity Reborn.

      Phoenity Reborn for Firefox

      As you can see – it does sport the new Firefox 3 keyhole backwards and forwards as well as some of your other favorite icons from the series.  Totally ready for all the new enhancements for Firefox 3 this is one theme you can’t miss out on if you are trying out RC1 (and up) of the browser.

      You can download Phoenity Reborn from the Mozilla Add-ons web site.

      + Check out more of the “best of” Firefox 3 themes!

      FireNes – Nintendo on your Browser

      A somewhat questionable Firefox addition, FireNes promises to deliver you more than 2,500 Nintendo games in your browser.  After doing some research, it appears this addon is fetching games from another online Java powered NES emulator.  Controls are limited to arrow keys, Enter, Ctrl, Z and X – but hey what do you expect?

      They are just Nintendo games after all.

      You can pickup the add-on via Mozilla’s web site (after registration) or via Softonic.  If your looking for the same thing though without the extension, try these sites:

      Enjoy it while it last, cause I am sure it may not last for long.  Ohh and when Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom police come knocking at your door don’t say I didn’t warn you!