Want to Build Your Own Giant Firefox-bot?

How would you like to have your own huge Firefox-bot in your own backyard?


Better yet, what does it take to build a giant tribute to the promotional art for Firefox 3?  From the looks of it, a lot of aluminum foil, some social networking and a lot of love.  Just make sure you don’t get too close to the ice cream.

We got setup in the park at 2pm and the sun was shining. We made sure to have enough robot building fuel ie pizza, and sangria to keep everyone running. We also had a friend from a chemistry department bring dry ice and liquid nitrogen, which we used for special effects and to make cryogenic Firefox icecream (carrot and blueberry, a flavor we made up).

Check out all the details on How to make an 18 ft tall robot and celebrate Firefox 3 in style via WebMynd.

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