Darkest Popular Themes for Firefox 3

Browsing through some of the most popular themes out there, the dark themes always seem to hold the top spots.  So which dark themes out there are the most popular?  Here are the top ten choices people have been making.

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Aero Fox – All black and blue, kind of like how I ended up after the last Internet Explorer 7 fan club meeting I attended.


NASA Night Launch – Want to shoot off to the stars?  Well you might not be able to go to space yourself, but why should you?  Bring space to you!


Aquatint Black Gloss – Another shinny black and blue theme with icons so glossy I can see myself in them.


PitchDark for Fx – It is so dark, it is pitch dark!  No wait a minute, isn’t that suppose to be pitch black?  Oh no wait a minute, there is the pun.


Just Black – Hey, it is just black – got it?  Nothing more to see here, keep moving along my Firefox flock of followers.


In The Dark – If you want something darker than pitch dark, then you need to go in the dark.  Somebody turned the lights out on my Firefox!


DarkVista – Represent the Microsoft friendly theme the way it was suppose to be done… with the back and forward reminding me more of Darth Vader’s helmet.


Gradient iCool – Hey, iCool… are uCool?  Black and blue again (seeing a repeating fashion here) but just different enough to keep it interesting.


Office 2007 Black – Enjoy the look of Office 2007, but want it black and as a Firefox 3 theme?  For all 6 of you out there – I give you this.


Full Flat Absolute Black – Simple 2-bit icons, black background and yeah, you can’t get any darker than this.


Which theme from the dark side is your favorite?  Why do we love or hate the darker themes out there today?  Let me know what you think.

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