Where Did Foxie Wire Go?

I have noticed the past few days that FoxieWire.com has been down.  For those of you who might not have seen it before, Foxie Wire is a digg-like web site just for Mozilla fans.


Hope all is well in Foxie Wire land!  It has been a great alternative resource for Firefox news and interesting links.  Would hate to see it get lost. If anybody knows the inside scoop, let me know!

Update: Looks like it is back now. :)  Here is an update from the webmaster on how you can help out:

We are back
its been a long week changing from pligg to drigg

its not 100% working out all the bugs you may need to request a new password to login

if your a drupal or drigg guru and want to willing to volunteer some free time please contact me anytime

Thanks Jamey for the update!

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