Scroll the Google News Headlines in Your Firefox Sidebar

You can load up Google News in your Firefox sidebar.  This quick tip and tweak will give you the ability to check out the iPhone optimized Google News in your Firefox sidebar.  This makes scrolling through the day’s news an even quicker and easier experience.

  Google News Sidebar

How do you make it happen?  Drag this link to your bookmarks bar:

Now, right-click the bookmark, and select Properties.  Click the check mark box for loading this bookmark in the sidebar, and then click on the Save Changes button.  Now when you click the bookmark, it should open up the iPhone version of the Google News. 

To use it, click on Front Page to get all the big news stories of the day, and then click on Sections to find specific news about a certain topic, such as World News, Sci/Tech, and more.  The search is also usable, to find news about anything you might be thinking about at the time. 

Bonus Tip – drag this link (mini news) to your bookmarks bar to make it a popup version instead.  If you like that, you can read more about the Top 5 Google Popup Bookmarklets on Mitchelaneous.

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