Bring iGoogle to the Firefox Sidebar (iPhone Version)

I start every one of my Firefox browsing adventures with iGoogle loaded up as my home page.  However, I would like to check up on my iGoogle page without going to the homepage over and over again through the day.  Can I just load it up into the sidebar?  Yes, we can!

 iGoogle in Firefox Sidebar

How do you make it happen?  Drag this link to your bookmarks bar:

Now, right-click the bookmark, and select Properties.  Click the check mark box for loading this bookmark in the sidebar, and then click on the Save Changes button.  Now when you click the bookmark, it should open up the iPhone version of the iGoogle Homepage.

If you have RSS items on your iGoogle page, they show up very nicely (you can see them in the screenshot above) and some items, like weather will be click-able to show you more information on whatever they are about.  The search box is about useless (due to it being so small) but other than that, another fine iPhone/Google/Firefox hack-around bookmark.

Bonus Tip – drag this link (iGoogle mini) to your bookmarks bar to make it a popup version instead.  If you like that, you can read more about the Top 5 Google Popup Bookmarklets on Mitchelaneous.

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