Firefox Holiday News, Tips and Link Rush

Seems like the deeper we get into the holidays and the end of the year, the more Firefox and Mozilla related news comes out.  Are the two events related?  Could be…

  • Dear Firefox: Please forgive me  When we met three years ago, I thought: This is it, the browser I’ve been waiting for. I’ve found my life partner. So I dumped Internet Explorer faster than you can say “unrecoverable system error” and we moved in together. Sure, we had our ups and downs over the years, but overall it was great. Really.
  • Mozilla Sponsors the First Annual Add-On-Conthe first annual Add-on-Con Conference has been announced. The conference, hosted by add-on developers OneRiot, AdaptiveBlue & Sxipper is the first event specifically designed to bring together developers who are interested in improving their capabilities to produce professional add-ons.
  • Mozilla to Firefox Add-On Developers: Stop Being LazyMozilla evangelists are starting to develop tools to track Firefox’s very healthy add-on ecosystem, primarily with regard to how they adapt to upcoming Firefox versions.  In fact, the newest Firefox version, 3.1, is already in the hopper, but according to a Mozilla blog post, add-on developers aren’t ready for it. Only 20% of the most-used Firefox add-ons are ready for the upcoming version.
  • How To: Disable Google SearchWiki from Firefox and OperaGoogle SearchWiki is new feature built inside Google’s Search that lets you customize the search results by moving a site up or down or even adding new pages etc. This feature has created a lot of buzz on the internet as many people has expressed their dissatisfaction for making this feature a default inside Google’s Search.

More Firefox News, Tips and Links

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