(Rumor) Flock Says Goodbye to Firefox, Hello to Google Chrome?

Et Tu Flock? Flock, the social media browser, who’s backend is mostly Firefox, might be moving away from Mozilla and over to Google’s Chrome browser.  At least, so says a recent article on Tech Crunch. So why might Flock’s love for Mozilla be wavering? 

As to why Flock is leaving Mozilla: sources say that they’ve become frustrated with Mozilla’s lack of attention to Flock’s needs. One source says Flock felt like the “red headed step child of the Mozilla development community.” Sources are also saying that Flock feels that Google Chrome is far easier to work with than Firefox.

Now let me stress again, this all rumor for now, but if they do make the switch I see Flock going down faster than the Titanic.  For me, their connection with Mozilla is the only thing that really makes them that name-worthy at the moment. Also, if Flock is the red headed step child of the Mozilla development community, wouldn’t they get even more lost within the mammoth beast that is Google? 

It just doesn’t add up for me, so hopefully we will see Flock stick with the Mozilla platform.

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