Mozilla’s Guide to Building a Better Add-on

Mozilla's Add-on Developer Help and Tutorials

One complaint I have heard time and time again is that Firefox doesn’t document the “how to” process very well, when it comes to building a Firefox add-on.  Well, thanks to the Add-on Developer Hub, I think that is one complaint I will not hear again.  The Mozilla team has put in a lot of hard work and effort into creating a place to centralize the help, tutorials and guidance you’ll need to build the next great Firefox extension.

Here are the main three categories to dive into:

  • How-to Library – Get add-on development guidance in a top-notch collection of tutorials, articles, and more.
  • API & Language Reference – The official documentation on APIs and languages. What you need, when you need it, to create your masterpiece.
  • Case Studies – Start-to-finish success stories. See how add-on developers made magic with Mozilla.

They also have a couple of tools to help you along the way too:

  • Add-on Builder – Auto-generate add-on packaging by entering basic info and picking UI parts. Get working without setup.
  • Add-on Validator – Check your add-on for common problems and errors. Open to anyone, not just add-ons hosted here.

I would also suggest checking out both the developer forums and blog for more help on how you can build that extension you’ve always wanted, or how to make your current add-on for the browser even better.

All in all, the Mozilla team has put together a fantastic guide to help you build an extension onto the Firefox browser.  No matter if you have always wanted to write an add-on (but didn’t know how) or your just interested in finding out how the sausage is made, the Add-on Developer Hub is a resource well worth diving into.

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