Track Worldwide Firefox Downloads

This must be having fun with Mozilla web sites week, because I found another web page to share with you all.  You can check out the worldwide Firefox download stats at

The web site is divided into two main sections, the map and the graph of data and statistics.


On the map, you can use your mousewheel to zoom in and then click and drag your mouse around to pan around the map.


The graph gives you the total number of Firefox downloads, a breakdown of downloads per country, and the current trends too.  Here is more information about each of the stats on this graph:

  • code Country code
  • name Country name
  • trend Changes in downloads per second over the last minute
  • cur Number of downloads for this country per second
  • min Minimum number of downloads per second over the last minute
  • max Maximum number of downloads per second over the last minute
  • total Total number of downloads since Firefox launch

So if you ever wanted to watch Firefox being downloaded all around the world in real time, this is the resource for you.  This is another great web site to file und the “cool things Mozilla has released” category.

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