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Bringing the God of War to Firefox

Are you a big fan of the God of War series of video games?  If so, another big fan has made a Firefox theme for you to use.  Check out the new (and obviously named) God of War theme for Firefox.

Firefox of War? Nice New Theme!

Overall, I really like the detail they went into with this theme, it looks like no menu was left un-turned.  However, the icons (even in small icon mode) are still pretty large and in charge.  If they could edit those down some, this one would rank up there with some of the other great video game inspired Firefox themes.  Here is a closer look at some of the icons that have been customized for this theme:

Kid Tested, Kratos Approved

With a little tweaking, this theme could be number one.  So if you like God of War, and you like Firefox themes with big interfaces – then, you have found your perfect theme to use. You can pick up the God of War theme for Firefox over at the Firefox Add-ons web site.

Track Worldwide Firefox Downloads

This must be having fun with Mozilla web sites week, because I found another web page to share with you all.  You can check out the worldwide Firefox download stats at

The web site is divided into two main sections, the map and the graph of data and statistics.


On the map, you can use your mousewheel to zoom in and then click and drag your mouse around to pan around the map.
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Mozilla’s Guide to Building a Better Add-on

Mozilla's Add-on Developer Help and Tutorials

One complaint I have heard time and time again is that Firefox doesn’t document the “how to” process very well, when it comes to building a Firefox add-on.  Well, thanks to the Add-on Developer Hub, I think that is one complaint I will not hear again.  The Mozilla team has put in a lot of hard work and effort into creating a place to centralize the help, tutorials and guidance you’ll need to build the next great Firefox extension.
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Easier Way to Clear Your Search Box

Auto-clear Firefox's Search Box

Want to hide what it is you have been looking for?  Not the perfect solution, but perfect for nit-picky peeps is the Clear Search add-on for Firefox.

What does this browser extension do?  It does one job, and it does it really well.  Once installed, it automatically clears the search bar after performing a search. So if you have a nosey roommate or family member, they won’t accidently see you have been searching for the top 10 horror villains of all time.

While this add-on for the browser isn’t enough to prevent somebody who is really nosey from going through your history, and doing a full scale investigation – it does serve the simple task or clearing out your search box after a search very well.  You can pick up the Clear Search extension on the Firefox add-ons web site.

Go Green with Firefox

Ready for an eco-friendly browser?  While Firefox may or may not be carbon neutral, you can help promote the green lifestyle with this new Firefox theme, appropriately named Go Green.

Make Firefox Go Green

Made for green ecology enthusiasts, I have to give this theme for Firefox major props for trying to do something original, and also something with a message behind it. 

Learn more at:

The Go Green theme (which is just fun to say) is for Windows only, and can be downloaded from the Mozilla add-ons web site.