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For those of you out there who love the FoxyProxy add-on for Firefox, you now have two different flavors to choose from.  If you need just a simple on and off proxy switcher, Grab the new FoxyProxy Basic.  If you would rather have all the bells and whistles, those are preserved in what is now being called FoxyProxy Standard.

First things first, what does this thing promise to do?  FoxyProxy is a Firefox add-on which switches an internet connection automatically across one or more proxy servers based on URL patterns. The extension automates the manual process of editing Firefox’s Connection Settings dialog. Proxy server switching occurs based on the loading URL and the switching rules you define.

So, now the question is – which one is best for you?

FoxyProxy Basic:

Here is a screenshot of FoxyProxy Basic:

FoxyProxy Basic in Action

As you can see, just the basics here, and if you don’t know much about editing and configuring your own proxy settings, this is the perfect proxy browsing companion.

FoxyProxy Standard

Here is a screenshot of FoxyProxy Standard:

FoxyProxy Standard in Action!

Here you got the full advanced proxy management tool that completely replaces Firefox’s limited proxying capabilities. It offers more features than SwitchProxy, ProxyButton, QuickProxy, xyzproxy, ProxyTex, TorButton, and more.

Need more FoxyProxy Help or Tutorials?

Overall, I am really happy to see they have decided to offer Firefox users more choice when it comes to how many extras they need.

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