Add Pinning Tabs Feature to Firefox

Pin Tabs in Firefox One of the cool Google Chrome browser features is the ability to pin tabs in the browser by default.

Pinned tabs are shifted to the left side of the tab bar where their tab will be changed to just show the favicon for the web site in question. Thanks to the Pin Tab add-on for Firefox, you can bring that functionality to your favorite browser.

Another neat feature of this Firefox add-on is when you type something in the address bar, or select a result in the address bar while a pinned tab is selected, the address you selected will open in a new tab – leaving your pinned tab alone.

How do you pin a tab?

You can also pin a tab by dragging it to the left of already pinned tabs.

How do you un-pin a tab?

You can unpin a tab by dragging to the right of unpinned tabs.

Overall, this simple extension, once added to Firefox, will help you save space in your browser.  By shrinking down those web sites you keep open all the time, you can also add a little more organization to your daily browsing routines – which is something I am always in favor for.   Pick up Pin Tab for Firefox, on the Firefox Add-ons web site.

Update: Looks like Mozilla might have taken this plugin down, not sure for the reasons why.  If you still want to pick it up, an alternative link and a little more backstory to the situation has been posted here:  Pin Tab Thread on

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