Jetpack Gallery

Gallery of Jetpack Add-ons

Do you remember Jetpack?

It is the Mozilla Labs project that makes the add-on building process easier, mixing elements of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Mozilla has released an awesome Jetpack Gallery, which serves as a community for Jetpack developers and add-on users.

Much like the Firefox Add-ons site, you have featured add-ons for Jetpack, ratings, and user reviews.  It does a good job at giving you a summary of what each add-on is all about and looks like.

Here are some of my favorite Jetpack add-ons I have found:

  • ThumbtabsThis jetpack displays your tabs and theirs thumbnails in Jetpack’s Slidebar.
  • Jetstatus – Jetstatus is a Twitter client for Jetpack. It polls the service for new updates and displays popup notifications for every entry in the friends timeline.
  • GTranslatifier – To translate a web page into your language, just click on the Google Translate icon in your status bar.
  • Image Editor – Let’s you use the Pixlr image editor to edit any image you find on the web. Simply right-click an image, select “Edit Image”, and you’re editing away.

Here are a couple of other places to get Jetpacks:

I am happy to see that Jetpack development is alive and well.  It really brings new and interesting ways to change your own Firefox installation or interact with your favorite web sites. The Jetpack Gallery is well worth diving into.

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