Ultimate Add-on for Bookmark Lovers

Firefox Bookmarks Made Better! When you name your add-on for Firefox Incredible Bookmarks, you know you are setting the bar pretty high, right from the introduction.  Pitched to users as the greatest add-on suite for bookmark lovers, Incredible Bookmarks for Firefox does impress.

The features to love here are plentiful. You can dynamically, show bookmarks by using folder and search terms.  Highlight the bookmarks in any color you would like, sort the bookmarks by name, visit time, last visited and most visited, and a lot more.

Incredible Bookmarks also help you clean house.  It can:

  • Run a check to find out duplicate bookmarks in each Incredible Bookmarks toolbar.
  • Run a check to check the links in each Incredible Bookmarks toolbar to see which links are no longer available.

This video covers some more of the basics when it comes to using the Incredible Bookmarks add-on for Firefox:

This add-on for Firefox has incredible promise, and I could not find a feature I didn’t like.  My favorite overall feature is the ability to color code your bookmarks and bookmark folders.  I like to keep things neat, nice and organized – so this suits my needs, perfectly.

To learn more about Incredible Bookmarks, check out the official site, and you can download it from the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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