Sort Firefox Downloads Automatically

Better Automatic Sorting for Your Downloads in Firefox

Picking a location for all of your downloaded files is an easy thing to do.  All you have to do is go to Tools in the menu bar, then Options, then in the Main tab, pick your place to save your downloads.  What if you want all your downloaded .zip files in a folder named “Archives” and files downloaded from to go into a folder named, “Mozilla Downloads”?  Then you need the Automatic Save Folder add-on for Firefox.

This extension allow you to specify where each file you are downloading will be saved too.  If you are using the Firefox option “Save the files in this folder”, the file will be saved automatically to that location. If you are using the Firefox option “Always ask where to save the files”, Firefox will show you suggested path location choices to save your file to.

How to Start Sorting Your Downloads

Your downloads will play by the rules you set up for them.  Here are a few example situations:

If you want all your executable files .exe to be saved in a specific folder:

  • domain: all
  • filter: .exe
  • folder: your executable files folder

Now if you want all the files from a particular website ( for example) to be saved in a Mozilla folder:

  • domain:
  • filter: all
  • folder: your Mozilla folder

As you can see the possibilities for customizing your files and where they are downloaded to are endless.   You can also use dynamic variables to create a dated folder:

  • folder: X:\root folder\%Y% %m% %d%

Another neat feature is the ability to automatically accept the download.  There is no need to click the OK button.

You can learn more about how to customize and use the Automatic Save Folder extension for Firefox on the official web site, and download it from the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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