1-Click YouTube Video Downloader

Better YouTube Downloader

Now, I know what you are going to tell me before you even say it.

“Mitch, there are already a million and one video downloaders out there, why review another one?”

Number one, you are right – there are way too many.  So what makes the 1-Click YouTube Video Download any different?  It cuts out the useless junk, and gets right to the meat and potatoes.

Other plugins make you pass through one place, that goes to another, and then finally after you turn in a circle three times you might have the video.  This add-on doesn’t make you do that dance.  Instead, it adds download links under the videos on YouTube.

Easy Video Downloading from YouTube

All you do is select if you want to download the .flv version, the .mp4 version, or the HD version (if available).  Click the link, the download starts and you are done.

You can pick up the 1-Click YouTube Video Download add-on for Firefox on the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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