Get the Date and Time in the Status Bar

1244802256 Telling you what time it is seems like a trivial task for any modern browser, however many leave the job to your operating system.

However, if you have hidden your clocks and need a way to tell what time it is from Firefox, Statusbar Date is the perfect add-on for the job.

This extension uses format specifiers to allow you to display the date/time in your status bar however you want. You can even mix in regular text with your desired format.  Some of the other features are:

  • Displays the current date/time in the status bar.
  • Left clicking on Statusbar Date toggles it to contract, only showing the icon in the status bar. Clicking on it again will cause it to expand once again.
  • Right clicking on Statusbar Date opens the Options dialog.
  • Middle clicking on Statusbar Date toggles parts of the format that are enclosed by ( ) to contract/expand.

You can download the Statusbar Date plugin from the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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