Five Ways to Cover Firefox in Chrome

Feeling that urge to try Google Chrome,  but don’t really want to switch away from Firefox?  I have found five themes that will let you stay with Mozilla, and still get that Chrome look and feel.  Some might say these themes have even made the Google Chrome theme even better.  

Chromifox Basic

Chrome Theme #1 

Chromifox Extreme

Chrome Theme #2

Chromifox Extreme Carbon

Chrome Theme #3

Chromifox Extreme Blade

Chrome Theme #4

Chromifox Extreme Green

Chrome Theme #5

Which is your favorite Chrome-like theme for Firefox?  Eventually, we will probably see more Chrome inspired themes, than Apple ones – then again, there are an awful lot of those Mac-looking themes out there, so perhaps it might be longer than we think.  However here you have five great looking Chrome inspired themes to decorate your own Firefox browser with. 

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