Reload Every Tab with One Button

Reload Every Tab Rather than reloading each tab, one by one, wouldn’t you like to reload all your Firefox tabs at once?  Okay, I realize this might not be a need for everybody, which makes it a perfect add-on for the browser. 

Reload All allows you reload all the tabs in the window at one go.   Need to reload most, but not every single tab?  It can handle that too.  It features a selection tool in case you want to reload a few tabs while leaving out the rest of them.

Here is what that feature looks like in action:

Select Which Tabs to Reload

Now, I am not crazy about the toolbar icon it adds (it’s rather ugly, sorry to say) but the functionality is definitely there. This also definately beats the process of visiting a page, refreshing, visiting another page, refreshing again, so on and so forth. 

You can pick up the Reload All extension on the Firefox Add-ons web site.

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