Style, Grammar and Spell Checker for Firefox

One of my favorite tools to use to check for grammar problems in my writing is called After the Deadline.  Put out there by the same people who brought you WordPress, this plugin for WordPress is the top notch tool when it comes to style, grammar and spell checking.  What if you want to use it other places though?  That is where the After the Deadline Spell and Grammar Check bookmarklet comes into play.

Grammar Check Anywhere! 

How do you use it?  That much is simple:

  1. Click the "Add Proofreader" link on your link bar to add a Proofread button above each text box.
  2. Click writing to find spelling mistakes, misused words, and grammar errors
  3. Click editing to continue editing.

Right now the bookmarklet does have a few limitations, such as it is limited to 7,000 characters worth of text, and it only works in text area form elements, however this is a great way to bring a great tool with you, no matter what web site you are on.

You can pick up the After the Deadline bookmarklet on

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