Don’t Wait – Make Your Own Firefox 4

Another Firefox 4 Theme for Firefox 3

Are you one of those who can hardly wait for the newest version of Firefox to be released?  Well, I have found yet another theme that will at least help you pretend you are using it.

Give the experimental theme, Fx4 a shot.  It will transform your browser to what has been pitched as the new look and feel for Firefox 4.

So what’s the catch? Well you will also need the Fx4 options add-on for Firefox too.  Be sure to pick it up to get the total look and feel of Firefox 4 for your current Firefox browser.

Also, it should be noted this is a Windows only theme, for now.

I think I will wait for the official roll over, when Firefox 4 comes out, before I get too adventurous with changing my browsing ways.  However, the Firefox fans have made sure you have the option to use this style later or use it now.

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