Smoother Web Page Scrolling

smooth-wheel The way you use your web browser is a very personalized experience.  From the way you click links, to even the way you scroll down a web page, everybody has their own way of doing things.  To add a few more page scrolling tweaks to the Firefox browser, give the Smooth Wheel add-on a shot.

Smooth Wheel adds several more configurable preferences to your mouse wheel’s performance in Firefox.  Here is a little ‘bit more about the extension from the developer:

Smooth Wheel offers an enhanced and configurable version of the built in smooth-scroll. It uses some unique algorithms for smoothness and adaptive behavior (scrolls fast or slow by trying to anticipate the intention of the user). Allows to read long web pages easily. You can actually read WHILE scrolling. Kind of like the credits at the end of a movie, but controlled by scrolling the mouse wheel. Works with text-boxes and drop-down boxes too.

Here is a video tutorial, so you can see the add-on in action too:

Overall, this add-on might be the best scroll enhancing one I have used to date.  If you want to tweak the way your browser scrolls down a web page, head over to the Firefox Add-ons web site, and pick up Smooth Wheel.

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